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To make our portable batteries, we upcycle old batteries form laptops and vapes. Can you help us collect these items?

Let's recycle, and let's help refugees in the process

How do you source batteries for roots?

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To source batteries for Roots you may need to strike up conversations with local hubs, such as schools, or shops that sell vapes and ask them for old batteries. 

These areas could also become "collection points". Print off our relevant posters and ask them to make it visible to the public to see and get on board!

Once collected,  you will need to collect the batteries and contact us so we can then arrange to get them to Calais ASAP via our network.


The specific type of battery we are after is called “18650 lithium ion”. Colourfully wrapped, these batteries are used in everything from your electric toothbrush to electric vehicles and everything in between (vapes, power tools, pushbikes). 


18650 lithium ion batteries are the most common type of battery used in laptop batteries. There are a few different types of vape & laptop batteries, the ones mentioned above are the correct dimensions and chemistry to fit our devices. 


Please let us know if you can help. 

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Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 13.57.40.png
Can you source a Tesla?
One tesla car battery is enough to power 1000 phones!

what do we use the laptop & vape batteries in?

We have three projects that use these batteries:

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We use 1 battery per torch reducing the cost from 20p per AAA replacement to 0.08p per recharge. 

We also provide UBS hand warmers in the winter months which last 9 hours on our weakest power banks.

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We use 6 batteries per power bank, the power banks are used to charge mobile phones and also have a built in torch. 

This is essential for the digital inclusion of displaced people, who may not have access to electricity.

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Project Box is a USB charging station which can charge 32 devices at once. Each box contains 112 vape batteries and can be charged using a solar system or from the mains. These boxes can be used in urban area where generators are not practical as well as small groups of people on the move. 

is using old batteries safe?

Reusing batteries is safe when done properly, we have the tools and equipment to test each battery thoroughly. We also have a waste carriers licence, which can be obtained by contacting us directly (person doing the collecting). This is a way of signing over your waste (batteries) to a 3rd party. When you collect batteries for us please tape down both ends!

If you have any more questions please email us at

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