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Volunteering in the informal refugee camp in Grande-Synthe is an impactful and insightful way to help people on the move on the front line of the current border crises. By working within the refugee camps in France, you will have the opportunity to meet people on the move, understand their stories and their culture, and take part in their community.


You will also  become part of the Roots Family! We are a hugely caring and passionate team, and your help will make a huge difference. Whether you can volunteer for a few days or a few months, we would be very grateful for your help!


read some of their stories..

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Julia ZG

United Kingdom

"Coming here you will find the nicest group of humans, I´m super grateful to have been able to work with them all. The things they do provide huge support to those on the move, seeking safety, and come from a place of genuine care. I'm hoping to work with them more in the future, and it´s given me great insight into how grassroots organisations can have an impact that works."
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Katharina Bergmann


"Every day in the field I realize the need to support people on the move as much as possible on their way. The fact that we have to provide access to water or that people have no way to charge their cell phones without us is a shame. Nevertheless or exactly because of that I am happy to work in such a great team and such a great organization like Roots, I will keep coming back everytime I have a chance!"

Carla Salas


"This experience has shown the enormours importance of being daily hands on the field so people on the move can, not only have fundamental services such as water and charging provided, but a social-hub with us. I am still awe struck by the inmense hole left by the governments. I have met a lot of fascinating people and stories. It's has been a fascinating introduction in the fourth sector with Roots!"


Share your ideas and help us continue providing our daily services in the refugee camps.
We partner with universities, schools, charities, companies and people who are aligned with our values to create beautiful and impactful fundraising campaigns!
Charity fundraisers are an excellent way to help – and you can have a lot of fun along the way!

No special skills or amazing fundraising abilities are required.  One of the easiest things you can do is to find an event that is already running – a dinner, a show, a fair – and ask if you can do a collection, talk, or a raffle for Roots at the event.  
If you feel entrepreneurial , 
you could organise specific events such as a sponsored run, a bake sale, or a coffee morning  to raise money for Roots.

FIND Below somE ideas..


Do you have a garage filled with unused equipment? Or an airing cupboard overflowing with too many towels? Here at Roots we are always looking for physical donations to support our services. From electronic or mechanical equipment, to hygiene and sanitary products.


If you feel like you have any useful items to donate, or believe you could arrange a collection, please let us know!

have a look at some ideas below..


    TAP TO TIP    

 for refugees 

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Mary Stretch founded Calais Light, which organises short weekend volunteering trips to Calais to support organisations and charities in Northern France with manpower as well as donations. They run #courtcommerce in the UK, working with Global Brands such as Unilever, who donated a big amount of sanitary and hygiene products to Roots.

Your generous donation will fund our mission. We are a grassroots NGO and receive no government aid. Contributions and donations are our main source for support, We are extremely grateful for your help ♥

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Stay tuned!

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